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While I'm not as down on LJ as some people are, I have been feeling a little discontent with it lately, and the recent Facebook Beacon fiasco only adds to my wariness about big social networking sites. So I'm considering moving my blog to another site, and I'm wondering: anyone out there have anything to say about wordpress.com?


I host my own Wordpress blog. It works pretty well. I even use a LJ cross poster that puts my posts on LiveJournal as well.

My sister is on Blogspot (Blogger).
Did a moose bit her once?
Isn't Wordpress a Six Apart thingie?

Blogger, on the other hand, is a Google thingie. Which do you trust more: Six Apart, or Google?

Or maybe you could go to that free webhosting majorzed found and toss up a blog there. You could either pay the five bucks to activate Perl there and install Bloxsom, or use a webserver on your own computer to generate the pages and upload them.
You gave me a good scare, there, but I suspected right away, and confirmed soon enough, that you're confused (or trolling!): Six Apart runs TypePad, not WordPress.

Blogger... well, how about that, I actually have a blog there. With no content. Apparently I was playing around with that at some point. It's a possibility, but so far I feel better about WordPress. Anyway, can I really find happiness with a site that commits grammatical/semantic howlers like this:
Post Pages give each of your posts their own unique web page, in addition to appearing on your blog's front page.
Zed's web host looks interesting, but they don't appear to have been around more than a year or so (maybe less) and I am skeptical of their long term survival prospects. We'll see.

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