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Beast one

Finished, first of four dinosaurs:

From this pattern. It was decidedly a learning experience. I learned, for instance, how to knit in the round on double pointed needles, and why not to use metal DPNs when starting with six stitches cast on. I learned to look in my knitting bag for a missing DPN before looking down inside the sofa. I learned a decrease (ssk), an increase (kfb), and short row shaping. Having decided to make the thing a little less boring (single color acrylic worsted, now that's boring) by making its feet a different color, I learned another way to do jogless color changes (as opposed to colorless jog changes). I learned how to hide and secure yarn ends when working on a closed, stuffed object ... thanks to a response by the pattern's author to my question. I learned how to do I-cord. I still have not learned why it's called I-cord.

I was going to make the t-rex next, but Kenny wants a t-rex and his dinosaur is lower priority than his cousins', so I'll follow his request and make a stegosaurus for Mitchell, and then the t-rex. I'm not sure who's going to get the triceratops. I'm sure I can find someone.

A couple more photos here.


Very cute!
Oh, and the 'i' in 'i-cord' stands for 'idiot'. Really.
So what's the source of the term?
I guess generally because it's the simplest way to work a few stitches -- you don't even change direction, you just keep going and going and going ...

This website claims to identify the originator of the i-cord: http://www.purlbee.com/i-cord-tutorial/
Coolness. The feet give it an very nice character.
You know you should do a dromiceiomimus and utahraptor to go with the T-Rex.

Look no further!

_I_ will gladly step up to the place and take that triceratops off your hands. It's the least I can do. For Science.
Seriously though, I really like it. You are really progressing rapidly.
I've only just begun to read some knitting books.

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